About Us


Plant-based & Cruelty Free

While not all of our customers are vegan (in fact most aren't), we hope you appreciate having a place with lots of healthy, organic veggies as a local food option. Some may miss the cream in their coffee, but give us a chance and you may find that with our 10+ fancy nut and oat milk options, you hardly miss the cow.

Live Music Every Friday evening

We are passionate about promoting art and local music. We are part of the Ogden Art Stroll and we also regularly feature local acoustic music artists.

Things Our Kind Customers Say About Us

"Local goodies, kombucha on tap, fresh food and soft serve nice cream; what's not to love?" - Megan Owens

"Delicious vegan food, with good gluten-free options, and delicious tea. And, the live entertainment on Fridays in a bonus. :)" - Caryn Crowley 

"Cuppa is a hub in Ogden, with conscious food choices at very reasonable prices. A space that supports local artists, with a comfortable open setting. This place has a lot of potential for great vibes to come in the future". - Zachari Peterson

"The heirloom tomato tartine was amazing. Seriously. Amazing. The atmosphere is excellent and the people there are great. So happy this is just down the road. And I almost forgot to mention that the treats (scones, cookies, muffins) are excellent. I’m a pound-of-real-butter-in-my-cake kind of guy so vegan baked goods have never been at the top of my list. The ones I’ve tried here have all been so good I never would have known they were vegan if no one had said anything." - Ivan Carroll

Scrabble Game Night

We host an informal game night every Tuesday evening. We have a shelf stocked with fun games that guests are welcome to avail themselves to any day or time they'd like!